Red Army Advances On Koenigsberg

Posted: July 31, 2010 in World War 2

“Help Us! Help Us!”

Suddenly figures loom up in front of us. Are they Russians? I cannot tell for sure. I push my sub-machine gun forward, release the safety catch &, in the snowstorm, peer at the s now-covered column. Now they are only ten yards away. I recognize women & children among them. I jump up & shout “This way!” – Weeping girls with pale, timid faces fall around my neck. “Help us, please help us.” Children whimper “Mummy, mummy.” All the men & women stand round silently, their faces white with cold, their clothes sodden with snow. I am aghast & hold up a young girl who is about to collapse. From their expression I can see the misery, the hardships & the terrible suffering of these dispossessed & unprotected East Prussians. Slowly, I walk on ahead of them. There are about thirty people. Many have no coats, & some of the men walk barefoot. The Russians had taken their boots off them.

Report by Corporal Rehfeld, January 13th, 1945

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