Allies Capture Goch on the Rhine

Posted: August 2, 2010 in World War 2

“Germany is quite powerless…”

Monday, February 19th at 10:15am: The first British soldiers, their guns at the ready, advanced across the rubble of the two chapels on Church Square & entered the church. Just as the British came in, the SS blew up the central aisle. A few minutes later, the first of the two Niers bridges went up into the air, yet only two days later, the first British vehicles were able to cross the river by an improvised bridge.

Wednesday, February 21st: The British have occupied the whole town. Column after column now pours into Goch. There is an ever-greater concentration of guns & lorries, so that at times the streets are three-deep in British vehicles. Germany is quite powerless in the face of so much technical superiority!

From the diary of Rev. Brimmer, January 19th-21st, 1945

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