German Counter-Offensive Helps To Re-Open Koenigsberg-Pillau Road

Posted: August 2, 2010 in World War 2

February 19th, 5:15am: Riflemen drew up in complete darkness, 1st Company, on the right flank, rushed enemy positions.

7:30am: Mopping up of enemy trench. Main enemy line overrun, running battles with panzer fists & bazookas.

2pm: Following the surprise night attack on a 1-kilometer front, the battalion captured or destroyed 13 heavy anti-tank guns & 26 machine guns.

February 20th: The entire line was held despite heavy losses. At about 11pm the exhausted battle group (Hitler Youth who had not slept for two nights, fighting continually & covering 50 km between engagements) was relieved by a battalion from Koenigsberg. Of the original group of 7 officers, 340 NCO’s & men, 2 officers & approximately 45 men were killed & 208 men were wounded.

From the Logbook of Battle Group Malotka (1st Infantry Division), 19-20th January, 1945


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