U.S. 3rd Army Crosses the Moselle Near Coblenz

Posted: August 2, 2010 in World War 2

The battle between the rivers Moselle, Saar & Rhine continues. South of Bad Muenster-am-Stein, enemy armor has been stopped by our reserves. In the Bad Kreuznach sector, the enemy tried to tighten his hold to the E. & S.W. but was opposed by German reinforcements brought into the area. In S. Hunsrueck, on the lower & middle Saar, the battle continues against enemy forces advancing from the N.W., particularly in the Birkenfeld sector. Near Saarbrüecken & on either side of Hagenau, enemy pressure has abated, but N.E. of Saargemüend our defenses are under heavy attack.

Extensive attacks by American terror-planes have cause wide-spread damage to Reich territory, & especially to the villages in Thuringia & Saxony. British planes have dropped bombs on several towns in Rhenish Westphalia during daylight attacks. At night, Berlin & Nuremberg were raided by strong British formations.

From the Wehrmacht bulletin, March 16th, 1945


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