British Troops Liberate Bergen-Belsen

Posted: August 15, 2010 in World War 2

“I noticed strange wounds…”

While I was moving the corpses, I often noticed strange wounds on the thighs of many of them. At first, I thought these wounds must have been caused by gunshots at close range, but when I asked a friend, he told me that many prisoners cut off pieces of flesh & ate them. Next time I went into the mortuary I did, in fact, see a prisoner draw a knife, cut a piece out of the leg of a body, & quickly put it into his mouth, shaking for fear that anyone would catch him at it.

From H.O. Le Druillence, a concentration camp inmate from Jersey

  1. Okay. When I first read that, I thought it meant they were cutting pieces out of their OWN legs & eating them. Was freaking out.

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