How Our Soldiers Deal With The German Women

Posted: August 15, 2010 in World War 2

The Letter of a Russian Soldier

I am sitting here writing a letter to you, my Hanka. I offer you, dear Hanka, my right hand, and kiss you on your sweet mouth…

As to the front, you know what is happening there just as well as I do. I am near Köenigsberg right now…

Now I should like to tell you how our soldiers deal with the German women. These women are having a terrible time. The men are not so badly off, but the women have it very hard. That’s because of the soldiers. One holds them down, while another has his will with them. Some of the women could not stand it & died, so that leading personalities had to calm their menfolk down, for the whole thing was indescribable.

People are well off here. Although the soil is sandy, they live better than we do at home. When you come into a house, you simply don’t know where to look first. There are so many good things. Almost every house has a piano. Something to make music on. About as big as a table. Pity I don’t understand the German language. When they talk to me, I open my eyes wide & just stand there gawping like a sheep. Still, there is a lot of misery about. They put poison into their food & drink, & many of them have died. When they drink poisoned schnapps, they live for about 20 hours before they die.

From Zetner: Illus. Geschichte des Zweiten Wetlkrieges (Illus. History of the Second World War)


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