The Defence of Breslau, March 1945

Posted: August 15, 2010 in World War 2

A Volkssturm Man In Breslau

March 13th-14th: Carried sandbags in the Railway Administration Building. The whole place is being transformed into a strong point. The sanctified halls, which few ordinary mortals were formerly allowed to enter, have been cleared of all their contents, in case they go up in flames. All the furniture, records, etc. have been thrown into the ponds in the marshes. The allotments near the marshes have been levelled, so as to give our riflemen a clear field. Whole suburbs have been razed, in an attempt to rob the enemy of cover. A guard has been posted on a nearby hill, to sound a piercing whistle on the approach of enemy aircraft. We had to come and go through the defunct railway station. The main entrance was full of corpses.

March 16th: R. got me to leave today. When I returned in the evening, the sergeant reproached me, saying that my substitute had been killed in my absence. I offered sincere apologies for remaining alive, and was able to console him.

March 26-27th: Transferred to the sanitary company. Chief task: clearing rubble and digging out corpses.

Early April: Easter brought the heaviest air-raids yet. Entire suburbs destroyed. On April 9th, we saw an 8mm film in the sick bay. It was called Holiday From Yourself.

From the diary of Emil Heinze, 1945


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