Vienna Falls

Posted: August 15, 2010 in World War 2

Soviet Foreign Policy

The following proposals are made for the preservation of the Austrian capital & its cultural & artistic monuments, (1) All those who hold their city dear, will not desert their homes, but will welcome the eviction of the Nazis as a liberation from the horrors of war, (2) Do not allow the Germans to undermine your city, to destroy bridges, or to transform dwelling houses into strong-points, (3) Organize yourselves against the Germans & prevent the destruction of your city by Hitler‘s men, (4) Every Viennese citizen must prevent the Germans from making off with industrial equipment, goods & provisions, thus robbing the people of Vienna. Citizens of Vienna! Help the Red Army in the liberation of Vienna, your capital, make your contribution to the great cause of ridding Austria of the German yoke.

The Commander of the 3rd Ukrainian Front
Marshal of the Soviet Union Tolbukhin

From Marshal Tolbukhin’s proclamation to the citizens of Vienna on April 6th, 1945

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