Hitler Marries Eva Braun

Posted: August 22, 2010 in World War 2

“I say, our Führer got married last night!”

Early on April 29th, 1945, Bernd woke me up. He was sitting at his desk, busily working. After a while, he looked up & told me, just by the way, “I say, our Führer got married last night.” I must have made a very stupid face – but then both of us burst into loud laughter. Then the voice of our Chief, General Krebs, came from behind the dividing curtain: “Have you gone quite mad? How dare you laugh so shamelessly at your highest Commander?” It was quite incredible, but right in the middle of that night Hitler had seen fit to hold a proper marriage ceremony, registrars, a clear & sonorous Yes, witnesses, a wedding feast, & all. The ceremony was conducted by an official of the Ministry of Propaganda. Goebbels & Bormann were the witnesses. The dinner & celebration were attended by General Krebs, General Burgdorf, Goebbels & wife, Bormann, Hitler’s secretaries, & Fräulein Manzialy, his vegetarian cook…

From Boldt: Die Letzten Tages der Reichskanzlei (The Last Days of the Reich Chancellery)


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