U-Boat Losses In WW2

Posted: August 23, 2010 in World War 2

Of the 630 U-Boats lost at sea, 603 were destroyed by enemy action, 20 from causes unknown & 7 from accidents.

In port, 81 U-boats were destroyed by air attacks & mines & 42 were lost through other causes.

On evacuation of overseas bases & at the end of the War, 216 U-boats were sunk or blown up by their crews. (Some were later raised by the Allies.) During the war, 38 U-boats were scrapped as a result of irreparable damage or on becoming obsolete; 11 U-boats were handed over to foreign navies or interned in neutral ports after sustaining damage. At the end of the war, 153 U-boats were handed over in British or Allied ports.

From the Memoirs of Admiral Doenitz


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