The Luftwaffe During The Last 100 Days Of The War

Posted: August 24, 2010 in World War 2

“The entire air force command ought to be hanged on the spot.”

April 21st, 1945: Hitler himself was on the telephone, demanding precise figures about our air support south of Berlin. I told him that such questions could not possibly be answered on the spot, what with the breakdown in communications. “We have to make do with the routine reports that come in automatically in the morning & at night,” I said. Hitler was highly incensed.

Later, he rang again & complained that none of our jets had taken off from Prague.

I explained that our airfields were under constant enemy surveillance, & that our planes ran the danger of being destroyed on the ground the moment they emerged from cover. Hitler cursed. “In that case, the gets are no damn good to anybody. The whole Luftwaffe is useless.”

“In view of the constant encroachments by the enemy, we are doing all we can. Successes are matters of the past, & in a few days the Luftwaffe will be completely finished,” I told him.

In his rage, Hitler mentioned a letter from one Roechling (something I had never even heard of), & yelled: “What he has to say is quite enough for me. The entire air force command ought to be hanged on the spot!”

From Koller: Die Letzte Monat (The Last Month)


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