Part II: The Allies Gain Momentum

Posted: January 11, 2011 in World War 2
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A veil has been torn from a treacherous intrigue which for weeks had been enacted by an Italian clique, serfs to Jews, & alien to their own people.

German propaganda broadcast on news of Italian capitulation

After the fall of Mussolini, the Allies began peace talks with the Italians. The new Italian government agreed to surrender terms the day the Allies landed on the mainland. But the Germans simply took over. While Italian resistance faded, the Germans tried to force the Allies back into the sea. When that failed they established a series of defensive lines up the peninsula that would stall the Allies for nearly two years. Churchill‘s strategy of attacking Hitler’s Germany through the “soft underbelly of Europe” failed. He had aimed to race up the peninsula & cut Germany off from the advancing Red Army, but Allied troops had to fight ferocious battles every inch of the way.

From The Story Of A World At War: World War II, by Nigel Cawthorne

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