At the risk of appearing to talk nonsense, I tell you that the Nazi movement will go on for 1,000 years. Don’t forget how people laughed at me, 15 years ago, when I declared that one day I would govern Germany. They laugh now, just as foolishly, when I declare that I shall remain in power.”

Adolf Hitler, June 1934

Less than twelve years after Hitler made that statement, National Socialism as a governing power ceased to exist. On May 8, 1945, the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany & the end of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

At the risk of “speaking nonsense” it is important to remember that many in the early 1920′s, did in fact laugh at Hitler. Detractors of National Socialism considered the Nazi’s a fringe party, & in many circles they were a running joke – yet just five years later Adolf Hitler was the new Chancellor of Germany.

Many of the leading socialist newspapers of the time, especially the Munich Post, specifically aimed its attention to Hitler. Their open opposition against Him lasted a dozen years, & “produced some of the sharpest, most penetrating insights into his character, his mind & method, then or since.”

These journalists were the first to focus sustained critical attention on Hitler, from the very first moment he emerged from the beer-hall backrooms to take to the streets of Munich in the early 1920s.

The Post continued to attack Hitler until March 9, 1933, when the Nazis banned the last opposition papers still publishing. In all parts of Germany, including Chemnitz, Muenster, Magdeburg, & Munich, all Socialist newspapers’ buildings were taken over. The Munich Post offices were turned over to an SA squad to pillage. They gutted it completely, dumping trays of broken type onto the streets. Furniture was thrown out the windows, & copies of the newspaper were again burned in the middle of the street. [Read More]

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