Nazis Convicted For Civilian Massacre

Posted: May 27, 2011 in World War 2
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Witness statements taken by a British policemen 67 years ago following a Nazi wartime atrocity have helped convict three former German soldiers of multiple murder.

Sgt. Charles Edmonson’s papers relating to the war crime were sold by an auction house last year to a Chinese collector but Italian prosecutors managed to track them down & use them in their court case.

The chilling account led to life sentences for three former Nazi soldiers – captain Ernst Pistor, 91, Marshall Fritz Jauss, 94, & Sergeant Johan Robert Riss, 88. [Read More]

  1. mps says:

    Are there any further updates? 50 million killed in WWII, it always astounds one to consider these numbers and also begs the question as to whether the lessons were learned about the evils of war.

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