Daily Express, London, Thursday November 9th, 1939

Throughout the war, newspapers on all sides seized on any evidence that the enemy’s leaders lacked public support. As the Express points out, had Hitler followed his usual timetable, he may well have been killed by the bomb planted by George Elser in the beer cellar where once a year Hitler met with his old Nazi comrades. Elser, a communist with profound Protestant sympathies, believed that killing Hitler would stop the war & prevent further bloodshed. Along with a photograph highlighting the absurdity of bureaucracy, half as street in blackout, the other half still lit up, the Express has room to celebrate its own success: such is the general appetite for news on the 68th day of the war that it is selling 2 million copies a day.

6 dead, 60 hurt: Reported attempt with time-bomb

27 Minutes after Hitler ended a hysterical speech in the Bürgerbräu beer cellar at Munich last night – A speech in which he cried that he was ready for a five-years’ war with Britain – the building was shaken by an explosion which killed six members of the “old guard” of the Nazi Party & injured sixty others.

Hitler had already left & was not hurt. He left earlier than he originally intended as he was summoned back to Berlin by important state business.

The identities of the dead & injured are unknown, it is officially states, says the British United Press from Berlin this morning.

Police admitted that the explosion was due to an “explosive body,” not to a defective boiler, as was suggested at first. The official statement says that the outrage was inspired by foreign agents, & a reward of £20,000 has been offered for the delivery of the perpetrators.

From World War II: History In The Headlines 1939-1945 by John Davison

  1. I actually own this Express Newspaper for this day

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