This isn’t the type of entry that I normally post, but I couldn’t resit. What I have discovered here is, arguably, the world’s largest manufacturer of collectable toy soldiers & military miniatures. King & Country was originally founded in 1984 & has since produced a wide range of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale collectable figurines which now include model buildings & fighting vehicles.

I was naturally drawn to the WWII-Era miniatures as some of you may have guessed. These scale model sets include the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Leibstandarte, the US Air Force, the US Navy (1920-1940) & several collections depicting the major battles of the Second World War (The Bulge, Bastogne, Normandy, Berlin, Arnhem, etc.)

I thoroughly enjoyed, & wish to share with you, the following brochures relating to each collection:

1. Axis: Afrika Korps
2. Axis: Blitzkrieg (Lightning War)
3. Axis: The Rise of the Third Reich
4. Axis: Fallschirmjäger
5. Axis: Kriegsmarine

6. Axis: Luftwaffe, I & Axis: Luftwaffe, II

7. Axis: Cross of Iron I & Axis: Cross of Iron II

8. Axis: Berlin ’38, I & Axis: Berlin ’38, II

9. Axis: Battle of the Bulge, I, Axis: Battle of the Bulge, II, Axis: Battle of the Bulge, III & Axis: Battle of the Bulge, IV

If you are a collector & interested in reading about King & Country’s latest news, exhibitions & events or viewing their stocklists, you can find them here @

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