On the eve of World War II the German chemical complex of I.G. Farben was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world, with extraordinary political & economic power & influence within the Hitlerian Nazi state. I. G. has been aptly described as “a state within a state.”

The Farben cartel dated from 1925, when organizing genius Hermann Schmitz (with Wall Street financial assistance) created the super-giant chemical enterprise out of six already giant German chemical companies — Badische Anilin, Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, Weiler-ter-Meer & Griesheim-Elektron. These companies were merged to become Inter-nationale Gesellschaft Farbenindustrie A.G. — or I.G. Farben for short. Twenty years later the same Hermann Schmitz was put on trial at Nuremburg for war crimes committed by the I. G. cartel. Other I. G. Farben directors were placed on trial but the American affiliates of I. G. Farben & the American directors of I.G. itself were quietly forgotten; the truth was buried in the archives. [Read more]

Hitler was Farben & Farben was Hitler.

Senator Homer T. Bone to Committee on Military Affairs, June 4th, 1943

  1. Linda Knoll says:

    Thank you for another well researched post. I love reading your site because I know in advance that whatever link I click to learn more will be good. Your hard work is much valued.


    • WW2 Resource says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words. I truly appreciate you stopping by to read my blog. If there’s anything specific about World War 2 that you’d like to know more about, I’d be more than happy to dedicate a post to the topic.

      Have a lovely day.

  2. Another well researched post worth reading. Thank you!

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