New Series: Untold Stories of WW2

Posted: September 13, 2011 in World War 2
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Stories of World War II survivors were shared with the public almost immediately. TIME magazine featured articles about soldiers returning home, the courage of resistance networks & civilians & Europe’s freedom from Nazi tyranny. After the war ended, & history carried us into the next century, these stories left us in awe of the acts of men & women during the Second Word War. Radio, books, news broadcasts, television dramas & documentaries have educated us thoroughly about the most commonly known facts & events that transpired between 1939-1945.

Yet despite the many stories we’ve heard over the years about humanity’s fortitude, sacrifice & will to survive there are still thousands that go unheard & untold. The Greatest Generation is one we know well; they are our grandparents, & in some instances, great-grandparents, who & their stories live on in our individual families & communities, without the kind of exposure & recognition they truly deserve. These stories are often extraordinary & precious; through them we learn about our loved ones, friends & neighbors & the war becomes more personal to us than it ever could be through a television special or novel.

That’s why this blog will begin featuring those stories. The untold stories of the war from the perspective of those we love. If you have a loved one who served in World War II & you know their story, we’d love to publish it in this blog as a part of our series, “Untold Stories of World War 2”. We want to give their stories the opportunity to be heard. We want to make sure that their memories & experiences continue to live on. We welcome your submissions & look forward to helping you tell your story.

Please send your submissions to Ash at

  1. Wendy says:

    Can’t wait to read! This is exciting!

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