The German Wehrmacht

Posted: October 9, 2011 in World War 2
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Title: The German Wehrmacht
Type: Documentary
Category: News, Politics & World War II

Hitler’s army thundered through Europe from 1939-1945 & brought needless death & destruction to the continent. What was it like to serve in this army? To conduct one of the bloodiest wars in history? To occupy half of Europe & yet to suffer total defeat? This five-part portrait provides long-awaited answers & sheds light on the Wehrmacht’s complex bonds of loyalty, conscience & honor. This documentary stands as a thought-provoking story of an army’s evolution from defense troops to military force to exterminating power.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a five part series. The final four full-length episodes are available to view if you follow the links below. Enjoy!

The Turning Point (Part II) | Watch Now
The Crimes (Part III) | Watch Now
Resistance (Part IV) | Watch Now
To The Bitter End (Part V) | Watch Now


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