Title: James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck
Type: Documentary
Category: World War II, Politics

It was WWII’s most fearsome ship. A ship so powerful, it sank the pride of the British fleet with a single salvo. Hearing the news, Winston Churchill saw no choice. He sent nearly the entire Royal Navy to hunt & destroy the Bismarck. But what really happened to this German legend? Was she sunk? Or was she scuttled? Now Titanic director James Cameron returns to the high seas to tell the tale & search for the truth. Leading a team of explorers, historians & Bismarck survivors, Cameron examines the wreck three miles down & discovers the answers that may finally end the debate. With revolutionary production techniques & high-tech Remotely Operated Vehicles, Cameron lights up this dark world & gives us the first glimpse inside the Bismarck in more than 60 years. Stunning high-definition footage shows underwater images with cinematic clarity. & cutting-edge animation & ultra-realistic reenactments bring the survivors’ stories to life. Join the expedition & relive the dramatic final days of the DKM Bismarck.

  1. Found your website via twitter. Have you seen the so called “Schmalenbach-Film”? In May 1941, Paul Schmalenbach was a Kapitän-Leutnant in the German Kriegsmarine. To be more specific, he was the Second Gunnery Officer of the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. One of his additional duties was that of official Ship’s Historian. This duty gave him access to a great deal of information concerning his ship, to include photos and film shot during her most famous operation- “Rheinübung” the sortie with Bismarck in the Atlantic). Sometime after the war, he donated a film showing footage from the mission to the official Prinz Eugen veterans group, the BKPG.

    Uploaded it here, maybe you are interested in it.

    Keep up the good work

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