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Title: Aliens & The Third Reich
Type: Documentary
Category: World War II, Politics

If ancient aliens visited Earth in the remote past, could they have given us advanced technology, past down through human history? & could this technology have helped the Third Reich build mysterious weapons & crafts far beyond the limits of 20th century science? During World War II, there were reports that the Germans built an operational flying saucer, known as the Hanebu, which was said to use mythical technology found in ancient Indian texts. Another craft was rumored to have been constructed with the help of psychics & mediums who claimed to have received detailed blueprints from extraterrestrial beings. Is it possible Hitler’s quest for world domination was aided & abetted by ancient extraterrestrial technology that was rediscovered? & could the allegedly rebuilt alien devices developed in Germany have played a role in America’s ability to land a man on the moon?

Title: Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi
Writer: Gregor Ziemer

During World War II, Walt Disney entered into a contract with the US government to develop 32 animated shorts. Nearly bankrupted by Fantasia (1940), Disney needed to refill its coffers, & making American propaganda films didn’t seem like a bad way to do it. On numerous occasions, Donald Duck was called upon to deliver moral messages to domestic audiences (see The Spirit of ’43 & Der Führer’s Face). But that wasn’t the case with Education for Death: The Making of Nazi, a film shown in US movie theaters in 1943.

Based on a book written by Gregor Ziemer, this animated short used a different lineup of characters to show how the Nazi Party turned innocent youth into Hitler’s corrupted children. Unlike other topics addressed in Disney war films (e.g. taxes & the draft), this theme, the cultivation of young minds, hit awfully close to home. & it’s perhaps why it’s one of Disney’s better wartime films.

As written on Spiegel Online



The evolution of the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC), the police organization today known as Interpol, is investigated in the period when the organization came under control of the Nazi regime & when, at roughly the same time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) became the Commission’s official US representative. Confronting some of the prior historical literature on Interpol, this article draws out the conflicting motives of Nazi police & FBI in participating in the same international organization. It is argued that the nazification of the ICPC occurred in two strategic stages: from seeking influence in the organization to acquiring control of it. Although the infiltration of the ICPC by Nazi police officials was realized in these stages, in practical terms, it never went beyond presenting an illusion of continuity in international police cooperation. It is concluded that theoretical models of nazification should consider the rationality & purposive orientation of its direction as well as its complex dynamics & historically variable determinants.


This article provides an analysis of the nazification of the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC), the organization today known as Interpol, against the background of the American participation in the Commission by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Although the sociology of Nazism has made very important progress in recent years, especially with respect to the study of popular support for Nazism & the reception of the holocaust, the nazification of the ICPC has not yet received due attention. Of all historical antecedents of international police cooperation today, Interpol may surely count among the most relevant & most discussed. However, several writings devoted to uncovering the past of the police organization offer very shaky interpretations & are more critical of Interpol than the presented evidence can support. Relatedly, there is considerable disagreement in the literature about the course of the ICPC since the Nazis took control. Some commentators have suggested that the Commission no longer functioned after the “Anschluss” of Austria in March 1938, others argue that the Commission was effectively used to advance Nazi goals. [Read More]


Steven Heller is a design historian & the co-founder of the MFA in design criticism at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is also the author of “The Swastika, a Symbol Beyond Redemption?” & “Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State,” both books about the history of fascist symbolism. Heller recently discovered the German Nazi Party’s branding & design handbook at an antiquarian book fair.

Existing within a larger manual on the organization of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler’s style guide consists of 70 full-page, full-color plates (on heavy paper) that provide examples of virtually every Nazi flag, insignia, patterns for official Nazi Party office signs, special armbands for the Reichsparteitag (Reichs Party Day), & Honor Badges. The book ‘over-explains the obvious’ & leaves no Nazi Party organization question, regardless of how minute, unanswered.

All that according to a recent post on Heller’s blog.

He agreed to talk to The Tagline about the similarities & differences between history’s most notorious propagandists & modern American marketers. [Read More]


Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, the BND, is having historians look into its shadowy early years, when the organization hired former Nazi criminals. The coming revelations could prove embarrassing for Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrats & may even tarnish the legacy of former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

They called Johannes Clemens the “Tiger of Como.” When an SS captain bore a nickname like that, it rarely meant anything good. Clemens belonged to a squad that shot 335 civilians in the Ardeatine Caves near Rome in 1944, one of the worst massacres on Italian soil during World War II.

Former chief inspector Georg Wilimzig also had blood on his hands. His 300-member squad, known as IV/2, murdered thousands of men, women & children following the German invasion of Poland in 1939.

After 1945, Clemens & Wilimzig both found themselves working for the same employer — the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency.

It’s no secret that intelligence agencies don’t like to disclose too much information about their own histories. There is even less transparency when that history involves mass murderers among the ranks. For this reason, it is all the more remarkable that the current BND head, Ernst Uhrlau, has been pushing for years to have more light cast on the early years of his organization, as part of Germany’s ongoing efforts to come to terms with its Nazi past. Uhrlau, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), has been trying since 2006 to move the issue forward. [Read More]


In December 1940, as war raged in Europe and Britain battled Hitler in lonely isolation, ­American journalist Fulton Oursler received an unexpected summons to the Bahamas. He had been invited to conduct a rare interview with the islands’ governor, the former King Edward VIII, ­officially known since his abdication four years earlier as His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor.

As an officer in the British Army as well as a dignitary of the British Empire and brother of King George VI, the Duke might have been expected to fly the flag for his embattled ­country. Instead he gave Oursler a eulogy to Hitler. The former British monarch told the journalist it would be tragic for the world if the Nazi ­dictator were overthrown. Hitler was not just the right and logical leader of the German people, the Duke insisted, he was also a great man.

As Oursler tried to grasp the ­enormity of what he was hearing the Duke asked him: “Do you suppose that your President would consider intervening as a mediator when and if the proper time arrives?” The American understood that he was being asked to carry a message to President Roosevelt, with whom he was on good terms, but he was not certain what it was. As he was leaving the Duke’s aide-de-camp spelt it out. [Read More]


Between 1933 & 1945, Hitler’s Nazi regime conquered most of Europe & North Africa. It unleashed a war that took over 50 million lives. It forced tens of millions of people into slavery. & it carried out the biggest mass murder campaign of the 20th century. Six million Jewish people, half a million Romani’s, & millions of Slavic people were poisoned in gas chambers, shot, deliberately starved or tortured to death in fiendish scientific experiments. Hundreds of thousands of disabled people, gays, communists, socialists & other anti-Nazis–many of them German–were also murdered by Hitler. These crimes were carried out in the name of Nordic racial purity.

The nightmare came to an end on April 30, 1945. Hitler blew his brains out as victorious Soviet troops closed in on his underground bunker in Berlin. His closest ally, Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, had been executed by Italian Communist fighters a day earlier. On May 9 the Nazi armies surrendered. Clinton, Kohl & Yeltsin are sure to recount all this on the anniversary. They will say the horrors must never happen again. But it will all be hypocrisy. They will conceal the class character of World War II. They won’t say that Hitler & the Third Reich were creations of the capitalist profit system. They won’t say that the millions of Soviet soldiers who gave their lives to defeat the Nazi war machine were fighting under the red flag of socialism. & they won’t denounce the giant banks & corporations that financed fascism & profited from the Holocaust it unleashed. [Read More]